Get to know us

Moon Mountain Lodge is an luxury tented lodge ideally located at the foot of the Naukluft Mountains. Large, airy rooms offer all the comforts of a luxury hotel suite with infinite views from your bed or private splash pool. The lodge is situated 56km north of Sesriem — the gateway to Sossusvlei, home to the world’s highest dunes and close to the quaint little village of Solitaire.

Our Mission and vision

Efficient and friendly service, good food, a good nights rest and general cleanliness make up the most important part of any travelers basic needs. 

It is certainly not too much to ask of any proprietor in the tourism business and exactly what we strive to deliver to every visitor at Moon Mountain Lodge. 

Add a consistent desire to improve and enhance the technical and physical aspects of the property, create a family feel amongst the personnel which directly conduces to the general atmosphere and top it all off with magnificent views – well, you know what to expect …